Mastering Online Personal Trainer

Tips for Mastering Online Personal Training

Mastering online person al training can bring your business to a new level. The modern workplace has changed for good. Employees are showing up to work remotely every day, and they are training in the same fashion. The modern online corporate trainer needs to have a mastery of the tools at their disposal to be able to effectively educate students who appear on the screen in front of them – but are actually across the country (or the world), trying to balance work and home life.

Online corporate training is evolving and growing at the same time. It can be lucrative when done effectively, but you will need to beat out the competition. See out tips on mastering online personal training.

If you train online with webinars, workshops, or other virtual tools, you will need to adapt. Here are our top 4 tips for becoming a great online personal trainer.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Tools

Mastering Online Personal Training
How to be a Great Online Personal Trainer

Being comfortable with the online platform you are using isn’t just a matter of knowing your way around. It’s about being able to identify common problems that can arise, and having a plan in place for when it does happen.

This is part of the value of your online training. It is unrealistic to expect that hiccups never happen, but you need to look professional when dealing with it.

We recommend rehearsing your lessons beforehand with a colleague or friend, and testing with different browsers and operating systems to ensure that it works properly. A good virtual teaching platform will provide tutorials and support when you are getting started. Use this to your advantage. At DaDesktop, we offer remote training for our customers, with a team experienced in all forms of online education.

Set Expectations for Your Session

Online training is difficult in the work from home era because you have even less control over distractions in your participants’ space. Whether they have a young family, noisy roommate or they are just plain checked out, you need to have a strategy in place for dealing with lapses in attention. These are perfect for mastering online personal training.

Set expectations for your participants, but keep in mind that this isn’t school. Participants can react poorly if they feel they are being bound by rules or talked down to. Some good ideas for ways to keep your group engaged could include a “cameras on” policy and kindly requesting that they turn off email notifications.

Be sure to offset these rules by providing frequent breaks. And don’t forget that sometimes life gets in the way, and you might not be able to keep all of your participants engaged.

Utilize Your Messaging Feature

Mastering Online Personal Training

Speaking on a video conferencing platform works fine – as long as only one person is doing it. As soon as multiple people try to butt in at once, your virtual training session can take a turn for the worse.

Most platforms (including DaDesktop) have a messaging feature that you can use strategically to allow discussion and communicate with off-screen participants. When your training session starts, try asking some icebreaker questions to show your participants that the feature is available and will be used throughout.

During your session, the feature can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Allowing participants to post questions or note an area of difficulty without interrupting the session.
  • Reaching out to individual trainees without disrupting the entire class.
  • Holding impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Messaging features can be incredibly useful when you find the right balance with vocal instruction. Make sure that you are familiar with all of your platform’s messaging room functions. Some platforms even allow you to save the full transcript at the end of your lesson and make it available for your trainees. See more on mastering online personal training below.

Engage Your Participants

Mastering Online Personal Training

Engagement with your trainees is hard to understate. If you have been in the online training game for a while, you likely know that not every participant is there because they want to be. Companies investing in their employees’ future is not the same as individuals signing up for an online course on their own dime.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for participants to view training as more than just checking a box. That’s where strategies based on engagement come in.

One useful strategy is utilizing rewards. Many online learning platforms have features that award participants with a certificate of completion when they finish. This can be shown off on their LinkedIn profile (which can be a valuable marketing tool for your online training business).

Another widely used engagement method is gamification. In corporate training environments, creating a leaderboard can foster some healthy competition between participants. Use games throughout the training program, then reward the highest performing trainees with a gift card or other prize. You may be surprised how much this motivates people. These are all great tips for mastering online personal training.

Your Journey to Becoming a Great Online Trainer

Mastering Online Personal Training

The best online trainers are quick to adapt, creative, and use technology to their advantage. With these tips, you can develop these skills. But don’t forget another crucial element – the “human” element of virtual training.

Just because you aren’t training in person right now doesn’t mean you can forget that your participants will learn more if they feel comfortable and confident learning from you (and each other). Take steps to make your online training welcoming, and always reach out for feedback from your trainees.

We hope that you have a mastery of your online teaching platform, otherwise your training program could be a lot more stressful than it needs to be!

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We are taking aim at the biggest companies in the industry by offering these features with tailor-made service and quick and easy setup.

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mastering online personal training.

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