“It’s as easy as 1-2-3”

DaDesktop = (DataDesktop) Introduction Video

1. Virtual Teaching – Instruct Students as if you were Face to Face

DaDesktop is not just a another virtual teaching platform giving you the ability to chat with people. It is a virtual teaching platform that allows you to truly interact with an unlimited amount of people and in multiple ways, for an unlimited amount of time, while sharing an unlimited amount of information and documentation, from anywhere in the world. And all on one single platform, so there are no add ons and nothing to download. It works on any operating system or browser. DaDesktop allows you to virtually work, train, and teach with a confidence that can only come from using this virtual teaching platform.

Set up takes mere minutes. This is truly the only “all in one” virtual teaching platform currently on the market today. DaDesktop is the future of virtual teaching and ease of use. See what we can do for your coaching, your school or your company by reading below. Request a demo today and get a 30 day FREE unlimited use trial, no credit card required! So why not use DaDesktop for all of your teaching needs? Other online teaching platforms are difficult and expensive but ours is not. We built it that way on purpose. Because DaDesktop looked at other virtual teaching platforms, we were able to design ours better, its like a virtual platform that works really well for a really fair price.

2. What does DaDesktop Offer and Just How Easy it to Use?


Easy to follow Video Tutorials – Set up in Minutes – No Technical Experience!

Set up DaDesktop in just minutes. Create a new course or upload your course from another platform or desktop. Or just share your screen. Or just use our slide show feature. No Charge for setting up becuase we do not nickle and dime our users! We make it easy so you can too. After your free trial, you will only be charged when you are actively teaching others on the platform. We do not play the hidden cost game so we are easy on your wallet. DaDesktop has the most user friendly interface because it requires no technical skillset. We have a support staff that is the best and fastest in the business. So if any problems may arise, though highly unlikely, its just a click to resolve. Just click that bright red link above that says “Video Tutorials” and see just how easy this platform is to set up.


Unlimited Screen Sharing, Slide Sharing, Break Out Rooms and Text Communication!

Ease of use was important to us and so are other key parts. DaDesktop offers the user a simple built in way to share your screen one on one and in a group. But we didn’t stop there. Set up and access breakout rooms that you have made for private study because it works great for your students. It also offers integrated group slide sharing and text communication. Your students can even virtually raise their hands, which increases participation because of the use of fun emojis. DaDesktop is truly an all in one virtual teaching platform and it has integration of all features necessary to successfully teach a large or small group of students. You can even us DaDesktop in a “blended” environment, both online and in person teaching. So what do you have to lose with DaDesktop?


Built in Video and Audio Chat. There are no Plugins needed. Remember, you’re in Control!

DaDesktop doesn’t just stop with everything mentioned above and has a wonderfully integrated video display that works on any type of desktop or machine. It can be used on the cloud (most popular) and downloaded to your machine. If you are a major university or corporation, we can license its use to you. We can do all of this because DaDesktop is for the small instructor or the largest of schools and companies. Its well designed platform makes you feel like you’re literally sitting in a classroom. You can even record and download your classes for later use, to give away and to sell. You can also download the transcripts of the class and use them in the future. Gone are the days of using multiple plugins because we have solved that problem too.

No more worry of having plugins lag, fail or freeze mid frame because DaDesktop is ALL IN ONE.

In fact, we simply crush the compitition.

3. The Big List – Why DaDesktop is the Logical Choice?

  • Built-in video, audio, group texting, notifications, screen sharing, breakout rooms and more!
  • The ULTIMATE in long distance virtual classroom instruction!
  • Record your classroom for review or to share later!
  • Add as many instructors as you want for your live teaching sessions!
  • FREE Unlimited course storage. In fact, set it and forget it!
  • Set up in minutes, not hours or days.
  • ABSOLUTELY FREE set up. Pay ONLY when you use our system for live teaching/training!
  • One machine, unlimited users and students because we do not nickle and dime you!
  • Create up to 10 break out rooms for individual group learning or tutoring!
  • Upload and control any curriculum with the click of a button because its jusy easier!
  • Connect with your entire classroom whether remote or in person, no limits!
  • Reach students across the globe to any learning base on any type of computer and at anytime!
  • Connect with seamless precision, no down time and no lag time!
  • Lecture and ask/answer questions in real time via chat or video!
  • Pricing that beats the competition because price is important!
  • Also great for “blended” teaching environments. Teaching both in person and online simultaneously!

See the Difference:

Compare us to Amazon Web Services, Azure, 360 Learning, Docebo and others. We win EVERYTIME so you can too!

Ask our competitors for a 30 Day Unlimited Use FREE Trial with No Credit Card Required and see what they say… In fact, email us their response becuase we collect them! So, what do you have to lose with DaDesktop?

Watch quick set up tutorials

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