Is online teaching here to stay? DaDesktop

Is Online Teaching here to Stay?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a quick pivot to online learning around the world in 2020. Now that life is slowly returning to how it looked before, there is widespread sentiment that learning, working, and training online will be sticking around.

Many educators will likely adopt a “blended” model, where online and in-person instruction are combined to take advantage of what they both do best. The “instant feedback” from testing and evaluating online will be sticking around, and students will be excited to finally enjoy in-person discussion again.

The new “online by choice” teaching and training industry has an incredible opportunity to teach more students and make more money than ever before. Here’s why online teaching and training is here to stay.

Advantages of Online Teaching and Training

Is online teaching here to stay? DaDesktop

Online education was already being touted as a fast-growing market by the time COVID-19 came along. Despite this, only one in five tertiary-level students in the US were learning exclusively online, according to a study by McKinsey & Company.

Now that almost all students had to transition to learning online at some point, the advantages of learning online are starting to show. Remote learning offers access and equity for students, which is especially important for those who are looking to cut costs and don’t need to learn their subject matter in person.

Students can learn in whatever environment suits them. This gives the flexibility to manage work, life, and education better – and cuts down on the stress of having to commute to campus and try to fit other commitments around a rigid class schedule. This is especially true for asynchronous online classes, meaning they do not hold scheduled meetings.

Online training is a bit different than online teaching in this context. However, it still gives the freedom for employers to train employees from around the world, without having to worry about transporting them to a central location or coordinating a traveling training team.

Online training can be configured to be effective for different learning styles, and the results from training can be managed and reviewed in one place, a learning management system (LMS).

Drawbacks and Disadvantages

Even though online learning has seen such massive growth, there are plenty of areas where it can’t quite compete with the real thing. University students in particular often complain of a sense of isolation that comes from learning away from their peers and social network.

For certain subjects, learning in a face-to-face group environment has benefits that can’t be replaced – even if everyone has a good internet connection and knows how to use their chosen video conferencing platform. On the topic of internet connectivity, a high-speed connection isn’t always considered a given. 25 million Americans lacked fast and reliable broadband access in 2018. This number is likely even higher for students from other countries, and anyone who has attempted a “Zoom Party” in the past year can attest that you can count on at least one visitor with a frozen screen.

Projections for Online Teaching and Training

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out around the world, we can start to look ahead to an era where students are learning in the classroom again, and companies are comfortable bringing workers back to the office. The question is, what will keep people learning online in the post-COVID era?

First, an unstable economy will see a drop in job security, and many people will be looking to retrain themselves to be competitive in the job market.In addition, we will start to see a shift in the industry from a supplier driven market (where institutions offer programs and courses and assume that students will come to them), to a demand-driven market (students demand specific skills and courses to meet their needs).

This will create a huge opportunity for reskilling courses, micro-credentials, and programs for high-demand work. Many of these skills can be taught by anyone who has the necessary expertise, and companies are starting to realize that recruits who learn from massive open online courses (MOOCs) or other non-traditional methods are just as qualified as those coming from elite educational institutions.


Opportunities in the Industry

Online Course Building

This shift in the online teaching and training world creates a lot of opportunities for those looking to break into the industry. Creating and selling online courses has blown up as a method of earning money online in recent years.

Anyone with experience and expertise in their niche can teach people around the world, and tools like Kajabi make building a course easy for anyone. This includes MOOCs (where students learn from pre-built modules), or other online course models with face-to-face interaction with other students and instructors.

Online Teaching Platforms

Once the world started learning online it became clear that students and teachers alike have very little patience for online teaching platforms that are buggy, complicated, or overpriced. There is a lot of demand for platforms that keep video-conferencing, course storage, breakout rooms, and administrative functions all in one place.

But with plenty of competitors in this space, including heavyweights like Amazon Web Services, Docebo, and 360 Learning, how can someone know which is the right choice for their online learning or training business?

DaDesktop is a new player in the online teaching platform world, but we are quickly making ourselves known as the best all-in-one solution that is price-conscious enough for companies, universities, and independent educators alike!

The DaDesktop Advantage

DaDesktop offers unlimited course storage and lecture recording, along with seamless video calls and quick and easy setup that takes minutes instead of hours. There are no plugins required to operate DaDesktop, and the platform is optimized to work with any operating system or browser.

Is online teaching here to stay? DaDesktop

2021 is the year that online teaching and training decided to stick around, so don’t miss your opportunity to earn extra income, share your knowledge, and build your brand in your field. You can try the DaDesktop platform with a 30-day credit card free, unlimited use trial. Start your online teaching journey today!

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