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Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Virtual desktops for remote working, teaching and learning!

The DaDesktop cloud-based platform is made available from distributed physical locations all across the USA, allowing for a fully interactive remote training environment, while affording you the comfort of stationary work. With a multitude of available features, it’s far more than just a shared-screen learning platform!

 Having the ability to connect to our virtual desktops from any computer, laptop or device, allows each participant to gain access to our revolutionary state of the art solutions from any location around the World. This is imperitive for remote working, learning and teaching.

You are instantly moved into a virtual space where distance and point of access are no longer a limitation, while at the same allowing you to perform your operations in real time. Simultaneously, participants are able to observe the activities on the trainer’s machine, while performing labs and exercises on their own individual desktops. The trainer has the ability to monitor the progress of the participants’ work and at any point remote control each of their individual desktops to provide extra support when needed.

Participants benefit from being able to interact with the trainer just like in a standard training setting – they are in constant contact with the instructor via the audio-video channel or in a more private way via the chat window.

The session recording option not only documents the progress of the training, but also, provides time stamps, allowing you to replay any section of the trainer’s presentation to gain better understanding or to repeat an instruction.

Remote E-learning using the DaDesktop platform outperforms your standard mundane online webinars. Instead, it provides the individual with a ready to use and fully interactive training environment and engaging exercises, as opposed to a passive viewing of the instructor’s presentation.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Accessible from anywhere in the world!

Users are not limited by point of access or time of access. You can use DaDesktop wherever and whenever you want, with accessibility 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Servers supporting DaDesktop are located in designated locations around the USA and around the World. It doesn’t matter if the trainer is physically in the same city or halfway across the globe. Even if each individual logs in from a different continent, DaDesktop is easily able to handle these connections. Get your tea or coffee ready, sit down comfortably in your quiet space and get ready to experience a new dimension of online training. Just another reason why this is the best platform for remote working, learning and teaching.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

The perfect solution for companies, schools and universities!

Wherever individuals come together as a team, the virtual DaDesktop platform facilitates a work environment allowing for effortless communication and presentation of content in real time.

Working remotely in large teams can often pose as a real challenge. This is where DaDesktop makes things easy for you. Installation of your custom environment on dozens of virtual desktops can be done within seconds, while at the same time allowing the administrator to retain full control of licenses, workflow and business processes.

The organization of remote classes at universities often involves having to accommodate for different types of computers that each student has at their disposal, while running a uniform environment and software across the board. These sorts of inconveniences have no effect on the virtual computer labs based on our DaDesktop machines. Here, everyone has access to the same kinds of resources, and what is most important – irrelevant of the computer they use. Students can simply connect from an ordinary office laptop, gaining access all advanced technical parameters available on the virtual desktop

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution
Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

A Modern Platform!

Our one-of-a-kind technology solution makes it easy for people to work and learn on a daily basis.

Anything that can improve your work is already included in DaDesktop: advanced virtualization, fast communication, and even machine learning. Here, technology works in favor of services provided by individuals and that is visible and can be experienced every time you use DaDesktop. Despite the use of complex technologies, the operation of our virtual desktops is intuitive and made simple for users. There are no unnecessary stumbling blocks here. Everything has been made for your convenience and our easy-to-use platform comes with all the required functionalities one may need. This applies to everyone – there is no learning process involved in how to use the platform – simply plug and play. Request a demo now to learn more about a platform that is perfect for remote working, learning and teaching.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Quick and Easy Setup!

DaDesktop is every administrator’s dream come true. It only takes seconds to set up multiple virtual desktop machines.

Administering a vast virtual environment for remote working, learning and teaching, comprised of several user machine is always a troublesome venture. Every admin knows how often the following statements come up all to well: “my computer hung up”, “application not working”, “no connection”. All these administrators’ nightmares have been tackled and pose no issue with DaDestop. With a click of a button, the admin can reset an individual participant’s machine or save its image and restore it from this checkpoint. Not to mention this all can be done instantaneously – in a matter of seconds.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

No additional software required!

The DaDestop environment is accessed from your browser window.

 Connecting to the DaDesktop platform is as easy as it gets. You copy and paste the appropriate link into your browser window and following a brief login procedure, you immediately gain access to your virtual desktops, with your work or study environment ready and waiting for you. There is no need for any software installations – it is as if each participant receives a fully configured training computer for the duration of the class. Even if something goes wrong, a quick restore option is always available to revert back to your original desktop configuration.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Ordinary equipment, unusual capabilities!

You don’t need a supercomputer to operate DaDesktop. A standard laptop is enough to use the resources available on our dynamic virtual machines.


Virtual desktops are very flexible, being able to function with both Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos) and Windows 10 operating systems. Their parameters can be freely configured, to reach a level of even up to 16 cores, 64 GB RAM and any disk space depending entirely on your needs. This way, having an ordinary laptop with basic parameters, allows you to access the high computing power provided by virtual machines for remote working, learning and teaching is simple. This is the optimal solution for application testing, advanced training or projects. There is no need for you to upgrade your current hardware, since the desktops available can be easily configured to your needs with just one clic

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Intuitive and easy to use!


The advantages of our virtual environment will be appreciated by every type of user. Whether you are looking for virtual desktops, a training room, audio-video conferencing or a chat option – we have put all this together for you in one place for your convenience.


After logging into Dadesktop, all functionalities are visible and ready for use. Of course, you don’t have to use them all at once. Connection to the virtual desktop is done with a single click and only takes a few seconds. Starting a conference call is just as easy and simple. Joining the training room, where the desktops of all participants are visible – is also one click away. That is why the DaDesktop platform is usable by everyone, without the need for you to have a technical flair. It’s simple layout makes it straightforward to use for individuals that only have basic knowledge of computer use at home.

Your anywhere desktop - Remote working, learning and teaching solution

Inexpensive and straight forward pricing!

There is no need for you to pay for hardware or software at all. The only charge made is based on your time spent using the environment. Whatever configuration you need, can be accommodated for, including the operating system – be it Windows or Linux, as well as the technical parameters. 

There are a multitude of ways that you can use DaDesktop, with some of its current popular uses including: online training, testing solutions, as well as accomplishing long term projects. Depending on the needs, there are daily, monthly or set time subscriptions available, tailored to the nature of your work. It’s obvious that an instructor preparing a training environment for their team will have very different needs as opposed to a university, which may need the machines for remote daily activities distributed to students on a large-scale. With it’s high degree of versatility, DaDesktop can handle both these scenarios and more, whether it’s the needs of agencies recruiting IT specialists at a distance, corporations conducting remote internal training for their staff, all the way through to implementing remote projects within far-reaching international teams. All this and more is available with our wide variety of affordable purchase plans.


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