3 Things We Know About Successful Online Teaching

Teaching in an online environment can be a challenging experience. Many people who are new to the experience of online teaching often have great difficulty adjusting. However, it doesn’t have to be so.

There are some things that we know about online teaching that can make the entire process easier for everyone. In this post, we’ll be outlining three of these things, and we’ll be looking at how they can make the entire learning process easier for people.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

A lot of online teachers utilize only one platform for teaching. They choose one online teaching tool and stick to it for as long as they possibly can. This is bad for several reasons. For one, it’s very monotonous and can make learners incredibly bored.

When it comes to success in online teaching, teachers must make use of a variety of technology options. That way, the teachers will be able to connect with students, in different ways. They will also be able to mix and match the benefits of different online platforms to give learners a complete online learning experience.

For example, teachers can use video conference apps like Zoom and Skype to teach in real-time and could use recorded videos to teach when it’s impossible to meet in real-time (this is especially important for a diverse class made of people from different time zones).

There are also classroom management tools like Google Classroom and DaDesktop that help teachers set up their classes in an organized way. These systems ensure that students are alerted when assignments are assigned and that they are given timely reminders to complete class-related tasks. We know that the most successful teachers use these various teaching tools because learners report a more comprehensive, and thus, complete learning experience than with teachers who don’t.

They Connect To Students Individually

Another thing we know about successful online teaching is that the teachers who run these classes place a premium on connectivity. And this isn’t just connectivity in terms of internet connection (although that is important); it’s connection in terms of relationships with students.

For in-person teachers, it’s fairly easy to create an individual connection with students. But it’s quite difficult for online teachers to do that because of the impersonality of online lectures. So, the challenge for teachers is to make this impersonal medium personal.

Despite the difficulties of online learning, successful online teachers always connected with the individuals in their class on a personal level. The question, of course, is how can this be done? How do successful teachers take the time to connect with students on a personal level?

The easiest way to do this is to have an open-door policy as a teacher. Make it possible for students to come to you at all hours of the workday with their problems or suggestions. Limiting teacher-student time to classes alone will always make it more difficult for these relationships to be built. Asides from that, teachers can make it a point of duty to video call each student individually every week or two to make sure they are doing alright. This way, the student may feel valued and will be encouraged to be more active during lessons.

Commitment Is Important

It’s always difficult for people with no online teaching experience to quickly make the shift from in-person learning to online learning. It’s even more difficult when the facilitator of the online experience is new to the system as well.

One thing that can make all the difference during these startling changes is commitment. Make peace with the fact that the transition will be difficult, and decide that you will continue with it, no matter how difficult it gets. That way, when you encounter difficulties (which you will!), you will be able to overcome them.

It’s that commitment that will keep you dedicated and focused throughout the class. That’s what will help you focus on learning even through distractions. These are the three things we’ve learned from the most successful online teachers. If you’re an online teacher, these are some of the strategies you should try to apply in your class. They’ll translate into success for you.

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